Latinos Unidos

"Latinos Unidos," was created with the following Mission Statement:

With the overarching goal of providing aid to the marginalized, the main purpose of Latinos Unidos at Iona Prep is to pit the Iona Prep community against the plight of the larger local Latino community of Westchester County, NY. By encouraging an ethnically diverse membership, Latinos Unidos will also work to uphold a deeper appreciation for the uniqueness and beauty of Latino Culture. It is further our mission to join forces with other service-based organizations—especially other schools in Westchester County—to illuminate the richness of Latino culture, break down the barriers that still exist, and to demonstrate actively that the Iona Prep community does not discriminate in providing service to those in need.

The Club will begin in September of 2018.

The Executive Board Roster for the 2018-2019 year is as follows:

Founder & First President:  Angelo DelToro, '20

​​​​​​​First Vice President:  Danny Stivala, '20

Faculty Moderator: Ms. Reilly