Peer Ministry Program

Small peer groups (7-10 members) are facilitated by two exemplary upperclassmen (seniors and juniors). Groups meet every other cycle and discuss topics related to adjusting to high school, developmental concerns, academic issues, etc. Gold Team Peer Ministers (PMs) attend instructional workshops on a monthly basis and meet with the director and other PMs in the mornings for supervision and support. A small number of PMs will be assigned to work directly with freshman in homerooms during the fall.

A Gold Team Peer Minister is a young man who strives to…

  • Live a life energized by an eagerness to mature emotionally and spiritually
  • Offer an example of Christian leadership to his peers
  • Empathetically listen to others and facilitate discussion within a group 
  • Honor his commitments
  • Conduct himself honorably in all aspects of his life
  • Reflect the values embodied by Blessed Edmund Rice
  • Reach out to others in need
  • Model healthy behavior and willingly disclose parts of himself

Recruitment comes through application forms, personal interviews, and receiving feedback from faculty and administration.