Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

(IEP’s, 504 Accommodation Plans, and Private Educational Evaluations)

Iona Prep Lower School Policy

General Information

  • Students with diagnosed learning differences are successful at Iona Prep Lower School.
  • Iona Preparatory Lower School is able to support students who need limited accommodations.
  • Documented accommodations are considered before student registration at Iona Prep Lower School.
  • Documented curriculum modifications are not honored by Iona Prep Lower School.
  • A documented language exemption modification may be honored at the discretion of the Iona Prep Lower School Administration.

Documented Classroom Accommodations Honored at Iona Prep Lower School

  • Preferential seating
  • Copy of class notes
  • Use of laptops/tablets for note taking purposes
  • Repeating of directions
  • Increased wait time for verbal responses
  • Bathroom breaks as needed
  • Audio Amplification Devices
  • Check for understanding
  • Refocusing/redirection
  • Submitting of Assignments by email. 
  • Multi-step directions on assignments. 
  • Use of Stress Coping Mechanisms in class.

Documented Testing Accommodations honored at Iona Prep Lower School

  • Extended Time 1.5x and 2.0 for all class exams and midterms/final exams
  • Large print for all class exams and midterm/final exams
  • Revised test directions for all class exams and mid-term/final exams
  • Revised/Modified Test Format for all class exams 
  • Bubble Sheet Exempt - record answers on classroom test, mid-term and final

Process for Requesting Accommodations

  • Requests for accommodations will be considered after Iona Prep Lower School has received an evaluation indicating a student’s diagnosis from a qualified professional made within the last two years, which is supported by academic testing or evaluations (WISC, Woodcock-Johnson, etc.).
  • Incoming students requesting accommodations should submit documentation with their application for review.
  • Current Iona Prep Lower School students who are requesting accommodations should submit documentation to the principal for review.
  • Parents will be contacted for a meeting to discuss accommodations. 

Special Education Services

Iona Prep Lower School does not offer any special education services onsite. 


The presence of a learning disability does not automatically guarantee accommodations.  Iona Prep Lower School will carefully review all relevant information related to the request for accommodation to determine if the learning disability or medical condition has a significant impact on a student’s learning and performance.  If a determination is made to support accommodations, Iona Prep Lower School will share that information with the student, his parents, and teachers.  The principal and school counselor will formalize an accommodation plan for the student that will specify the accommodations.  The plan will be shared with teachers and parents and it will be reviewed annually.