Suggested Timeline and Due Dates for Admission to the Lower School for September, 2020


NOTE:  Admission to PK4 through Grade 7 at Iona Prep Lower School is conducted on a rolling basis.  A determination regarding admission will be made after all admissions requirements are fulfilled for an individual student.

There may be a very limited number of spaces available for 8th grade for September, 2020.  The deadline for applications for 8th grade is January 15th, 2020.  Decisions regarding admission to 8th grade will be mailed on February 15th.

September – October, 2019

Create a Parent Portal Account for your son.  The portal will allow you to submit an application and supporting materials as well as sign up for a parent tour, Gael-for-a-Day visit, and to attend our Open House. 

Sign up for a Gael-for-a-Day visit for your son.  Not only is it an admissions requirement, but it is the best way for your son to experience Iona Prep.  You can make an appointment for a Gael-for-a-Day visit using your Parent Portal Account or our Inquiry Form.

Sign up for a Parent Tour.  Visit Iona Prep during a school day.  See our facilities inside and out and our students in their classrooms.  It is also a great time to ask questions you may have. You can sign up to take a tour using your Parent Portal Account or our Inquiry Form.

Pre-register for our Lower School Open House on Wednesday, October 23rd from 6 to 8 pm using your Parent Portal Account or our Inquiry Form.

October, 2019

Attend the Lower School Open House on Wednesday, October 23rd, from 6 to 8 pm.  It is a great time to meet some of our students and teachers, tour the building, and learn about all that Iona has to offer.  You can pre-register to attend Open House using your Parent Portal Account or our Inquiry Form.

Complete a Gael-for-Day visit and take a Parent Tour if you did not do so in October.


December, 2019 – January, 2020 

Gather and submit all application components through the Parent Portal.  The portal provides you with a convenient checklist, but some items you will need are:

  • Your son’s most recent report card
  • Your son’s final report card from June 2017
  • Any scores from standardized testing your son may have had (ex.  New York State test, ITBS test)
  • Your son’s IEP or 504 plan (if applicable)
  • Recommendations from your son’s current teacher and either another teacher or school administrator.  You can make requests for recommendations through the Parent Portal. Those submitting recommendations must be familiar with your son in an academic environment.

Complete a Gael-for-a-Day visit and take a Parent Tour if you have not already done so.


February, 2020

Attend a Winter Information Session on Thursday, February 13th, at either 9 am or 7 pm.  This is a great time to ask your last minute questions or visit us if you had not been able.  You can register for an information session using the Parent Portal or the Inquiry Form. 

It is requested that all applications and supporting materials for admission to PK4 through 7th grade be completed by March 15, 2020.


If a student is accepted:

  • A one-time non-refundable family registration fee of $500 is required to hold a place for a student for September, 2020.  A place for a student cannot be guaranteed if the registration fee is not paid within three weeks of acceptance.  Please note that this fee must be paid within 7 days if a student is accepted after April 15th, 2020.​​​​​​​
  • April, 2020 - Families will be required to pay a 10% tuition deposit.  This deposit will be applied to the tuition for 2020-21 and will serve as the July tuition payment for those on the 10-month tuition payment plan.  Families currently enrolled at Iona make this same payment (known as the re-enrollment deposit) in order to hold their son’s place for the next school year. Tuition for the 2020-21 school year will be available on the school website in February, 2020.
  • May, 2019 - The families of registered students will attend New Family Orientation on Wednesday, May 27th, at 7 pm.  At this time, families are officially welcomed into the Iona Community and provided with all the information needed before the start of school in September.
  • Additionally, in June families may be invited to attend an event sponsored by the admissions office where they can meet other students and families on their son’s grade level.  In August, the class mothers for each grade usually organize a back-to-school event or celebration for each grade level, too.