​​​​​​​DECISION LETTERS WILL BE MAILED January 31, 2020 

The admissions process is now underway for September 2020-21!

ALL applicants must create a Parent Portal account.  In the portal, there will be a convenient checklist to help you keep track of all requirements.

All applicants for the 9th grade are invited to and visit as a Gael-for-a-Day, and parents may come for a tour. Schedule your visit or tour today!

On the day of the visit at the Upper School:

1. Please arrive at the Main Office visitors entrance -
    (facing the school, the entrance will be to your left.)
    Please arrive no later than 8:15 am.
2. Dress code - shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress jacket if possible
3. Lunch will be provided.
4. Dismissal time is 2:00 pm from the main Office lobby.
5. Please do not bring a backpack during the day of the visit.
6. Upload a photo of your son through the portal.

Please review the Calendar for Upper School Admissions.

 Applicants for 9th Grade –

Deadline for  admissions application  is              December 13, 2019

Deadline for all required documents is                    December 13, 2019 

​​​​​​​ Register for one (1) of the following admissions tests. An admissions test is required.

·        TACHS [Test for Admissions to Catholic High Schools] at (not available after November). Iona Prep's TACHS code is 119. The 2019 TACHS will be given on November 8th.


·        ISEE [Independent School Entrance Test] at (available through the spring)


2. Required documents: 

·         6th,7th and first quarter 8th grade report cards 

·         6th, and 7th grade standardized ELA and math test scores

Students who are applying from Catholic schools-your school principal will complete and send an applicant record which will include 6th, 7th, & 8th grade first quarter report cards as well as any standardized test scores. 

Students who are applying from public schools please submit ELA and math standardized test results from the 6th and 7th grades through your portal account.

3.                                    Recommendations

·        For students applying from public schools, recommendations from a math teacher, and one other teacher or school counselor are required.  You may make requests to teachers for recommendations through the portal.

·        For students from Catholic Schools, recommendations are already supplied by your school on the applicant record submitted through TACHS.  You do not need to submit additional recommendations.

     Please note: Iona Prep does not offer a scholarship exam. Merit scholarships are awarded based on report card grades, standardized tests and TACHS scores. 


Applicants for Grades 10 through 11 – 

Deadline is March 31, 2020

1.   Create an account on our Parent Portal and complete the application.

2.   Recommendations from an English teacher, and school counselor are required.  You may make requests to teachers for recommendations through the portal.

3.   High school transcripts are required, including the most recent report card and can be uploaded on the portal.

4.   An interview is required and will be scheduled after March 31st. The  admissions process for transfer students begins on March 1, 2020. Transfer students are not required to take the TACHS.



International Applicants - Grades 9,10, and 11

1.   Iona Prep accepts international students studying on F-1 Visas.

2.   Iona Prep does not offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Students must be proficient in English.

3.   International students must find host families on their own. We do not assist with finding host families or home stays. 

4.   There is an International fee of $5,000 in addition to Iona Prep's annual tuition.

5.   Applicants are required to submit an application, and report cards for last three grades as well as achieve a minimum score of 80/120 on the TOEFL exam.                                                                                                                                      It is Iona Prep's policy that any student who has a            70-79/120 on the TOEFL exam, must retake the exam (by February 1st of his junior year), until the score of 80/120 on the TOEFL is achieved.  

6.   There is a $250.00 application fee for international students.  Information about submitting the application fee is on the application in the portal.

7.   Once all documents and the application fee are received a SKYPE interview will be scheduled.