ImPACT Concussion Program
The ImPACT test is a simple 20-30-minute long web-based neurocognitive battery that measures memory recall and reaction times.

Developed by the University of Pittsburgh, the program allows trained medical personnel to determine when an athlete should continue athletic participation after suffering a concussion or head injury. The intent of this program is to reduce the risk of further injury to your son after suffering a concussion.

It provides objective data that can help quantify the extent of injury to the brain. This may reduce the likelihood of “Second Impact Syndrome,” which can lead to serious or permanent head injury, or even death. ImPACT is a program used by the National Football League, National Hockey League, many minor league teams, and many college and high school programs across the nation.

Student-athletes who participate in interscholastic athletics at Iona Preparatory in the following sports are required to be baseline tested: football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, hockey, lacrosse, and baseball.

Once a student-athlete is selected to one of the above teams, an email will be sent home by the coach to the student-athlete to remind him that the ImPACT Test MUST BE TAKEN PRIOR TO THE SPORT START DATE. The information/steps on how to take this test can be found here.

These athletes should test once in their freshman and if they are transfer students. If you have previously taken the ImPACT baseline test, please provide the athletic department with a doctor’s note confirming that a current test is on file. ImPACT tests taken at the Lower School will not be accepted. ImPACT tests must be taken once student is enrolled in Upper School.

If, in the future, your son suffers a concussion or head injury he will be assessed and monitored by a certified athletic trainer. Parents/Guardians will be notified and recommendations for care and referral will be made at this time. The school’s nursing staff will be made aware of the concussion so that any adjustments to the student-athlete’s academic workload can be made in conjunction with the guidance department. Within the first 48-72 hours a post-injury ImPACT test will be administered. Once the athlete is symptom free a second test will be done to see if the athlete has returned to pre-injury levels. Testing will continue until these levels are reached. Results will be made available ONLY to parents/guardians upon request so that ImPACT data may be used to aid the treating physician in determining when it is safe to return to activity.

A video outlining the benefit of ImPACT can be viewed here or below. Further information on ImPACT can be found online. If you have any questions, please write to Athletic Trainer Caraline Gargiulo.