Health Office


The student should come to the health office and request the working paper applications forms.


1. Signed Application AT-17- (complete Part 1 only with parental signature where indicated). 

2. Valid copy of physical exam- (must have been examined within the last 12 months; check student's file at health office).

3. Proof of Age- (Birth Certificate, Passport or Driver's License). 

4. Copy of Social Security Card. 

Bring above mentioned paperwork to New Rochelle City Hall, 3rd floor, M-F 2p-4p.

 Summer hours are M-F 10a-12n, 2p-3p.  Call 576-4274

You may also call your local public high school to obtain the certificate card in your home district, and some schools require both parent and student to be present for certificates to be given. 

During the summer when health office is closed, the application form is available at the main office in Iona Prep.

If you don't have a copy of your most recent physical at home, there is a fitness certificate your physician can fill out which will satisfy the physical requirement.