School Counseling Department
The parent's role in supporting their son's journey at Iona Prep is complex and always changing. School counselors at Iona Prep endeavor to partner with parents as we provide academic, personal/social and college/career counseling services. We encourage parents to contact us so that we can provide context to the array of support services we provide to our counselees.

Please consider these FAQs as well as Mr. Quirolo's School Counseling Binder For Parents as beginning resources:

  1. What services are provided by the school counseling department?

    The school counseling department provides Academic, Personal/Social and College/Career counseling services to Iona Prep students.  Using the framework of the American School Counseling Association, we endeavor to deliver comprehensive school counseling services to all students.


  2. What can my son’s school counselor do for him?

    Iona Prep school counselors are advocates for their student counselees by providing a wide range of counseling services.  Click on the Live Binders tab, “What Can Your School Counselor Do For You” for more detailed information.


  3. What can I do as a parent to help my son develop life-long study skills?

    Part of the learning process in high school involves cognitive growth in the process of how to study, plan and prepare for academic challenges.  Iona Prep Parents can use many opportunities to model and support study skills growth with their son.  Click on the Live Binders tab, “Study Skills” for more information.


  4. What should my son do if he is struggling in school?

    The school counseling department is ready to partner with any student who is struggling in school.  Our role is to provide information and support to help students accept their struggles and create positive academic outcomes that include searching for remediation.  Click on the Live Binders tab, “Struggling in School” for more information.


  5. Where should I look for college counseling related information?

    Please click on the “College Counseling” tab on the Iona Prep Website for a wealth of information regarding college counseling services.  The Iona Prep College Counseling Handbook is often the first place to start.  Junior year students are assigned to a college counselor in addition to their regular school counselor.  College counselors partner with students and families assisting them in every step of the college admissions process.


  6. What is the Group Guidance class?

    Group guidance class is a critical venue that allows for the systemic delivery of school counseling information to Iona Prep students.  The group guidance class supports the engaged learning of important age appropriate topics as well as critical college counseling services.  Group guidance is a hallmark program in our school counseling department that allows for greater interaction and delivery of school counseling services than other schools.  Freshman group guidance is supplemented by Peer Counseling, an outstanding peer support program aimed at helping freshman with the transition to high school.


  7. Executive functioning is a “hot topic” in education.  Where can I find more information for students and parents?

    Recent research has demonstrated that students who do well in school are often those with the strongest executive functioning skills.  Click on the Live Binders tab “Study Skills” and search for the sub-tab, “Executive Functioning Info”.

  8. Do school counselors collaborate with parents on interventions and referrals for my son?

    Adolescents face unique and complex challenges as they journey through high school. These development challenges can be academic or personal in nature.  Experienced Iona Prep school counselors are ready to partner with students and parents on responsive services such as academic, educational or mental health referrals.  Our experienced staff recognizes the critical role of response to intervention (RTI) services for our student counselees.