College Counseling

Welcome to the College Counseling page!
Our purpose is to take the mystery out of the college selection process. We will expend every effort to assist each family in formulating appropriate matches that will meet their son’s career and academic goals. A glance at our website reveals the myriad of information that is available on this subject. We are readily available to answer your questions or to clarify the information with you.
Under Links, Naviance provides pertinent data about each college and real life statistics regarding Iona Prep students and their admissions potential. Every significant resource like College Board, ACT, Common Application, FAFSA and the NCAA are also listed.
We offer several newsletters that point out month by month tasks, college resources and scholarships. The Four Year Plan presents an overview of the efforts the guidance department will take to present the college selection process to our community. There is a listing for relevant summer programs that our students and their families may wish to explore for enrichment.
Finally, we feel relationships are the key to this process. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We want to share our acquired knowledge and experience with you.

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