Student Government

Welcome to the Iona Prep Student Government Page 2019-2020

President:  Ricky Rivera                 

Vice President:  Angelo DelToro   


St. Christopher House Captain: Dionis Polanco

 5 Assistant Captains:   

207- Matthew Kenney
208- Kevin O'Conner
209- Matt Hoffman
210- Frank Mondrone

211- Jack Ognibene    

St. Jerome House Captain: Ryan Nascimento  

 5 Assistant Captains:​​​​​​​   

200- Matt Kelly
201- Shreeganesh Venkatesh
204- Pedro Bravo
205- Victor DiPierro

206- Aiden McDermott                                                                   

St. John House Captain: Neil Squillante

 5 Assistant Captains:​​​​​​​ 


111- Sam Bartz
115- Stephen Milillo
118- Ian Cox
120- Yasir Olenja

122- Chris McCabe                                      

St. Michael House Captain:   Allen Raja

 5 Assistant Captains:​​​​​​​     

212- Justin Cartularo
213-Danny Stivala
401- Abraham Samarneh
501- Brendan Doran

502- Harrison Bridges                          

St. Sebastian House Captain: Damin Gonzalez

 5 Assistant Captains:​​​​​​​


301- John Arminio
302- Mike D'Ambrosio
303- Frank Tarul
304- Louis Ethan Robinson

305- Dylan Chen      

St. Wolfgang House Captain: William O'Sullivan

 5 Assistant Captains:​​​​​​​ 

​​​​​​​106- Trevor Dutra
107- Joseph Riordan
108-Mike Ryan
109-Michael Bachmann

​​​​​​​110- David Pereira                


The primary purpose of the Student Government is to provide students with leadership opportunities in driving the growth and success of their school. 

The Student Government plans and organizes school functions and extracurricular clubs and participates in various charitable events throughout the year.\

A primary goal of the Student Government is to encourage the greatest number of students possible to become involved in the life of Iona Prep.

The Student Government oversees and directs the GAELS House System. The Student President and Vice President oversee the house system, while the House Captains and Assistant Captains function as leaders of their respective houses.

New members are always encouraged to join us at Student Government meetings and are urged to bring any news and information about different school activities, clubs or athletics.


If you are a current student and would like to start a new club, please fill out the Club Proposal Form (download below) and return it to Mr. Pellegrino after obtaining all of the necessary signatures.