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AP Gov't Students Indicative of Iona Prep's Mission - Educating the Whole Man

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. In the case of Richard Salerno's Advanced Placement (AP) Government classes, it'll probably be worth a couple million in academic scholarships to colleges and universities across the country. That's because it's a photo of 25 scholar-athletes from Mr. Salerno AP Gov't courses, which is enough to constitute a full class by themselves before you add in the six gentlemen not pictured.

As President Brother Thomas Leto often says, Iona Preparatory School educates the complete young man--mind, body and spirit. The number of varsity athletes in Mr. Salerno's AP Government course is a telephoto testament to that tenant of Christian Brother education. Those students include:

Ben Ardolino (Baseball)
Christopher Bond (Football)
Daniel Cannistracci (Track)
Michael DeGasperis (Football/Lacrosse)
Emmett Degen (Lacrosse)
Shane Dempsey (Soccer)
Matt DiSanto (Football/Basktball)
Charlie Flanagan (Football/Lacrosse)
Johnryan Freeman (Football)
Christopher Frey (Lacrosse)
John Gardner (Tennis)
Herschel Halesworth (Lacrosse)
Peter Hoffman (Baseball)
Joseph Khoury (Tennis)
Mike Kincheloe (Swimming)
Ronan Lahiff (Golf)
Frank Lanzillota (Hockey)
Joe Marraccini (Basketball)
Brendan Martin (Football)
Stephen Martinez (Soccer)
Andy Molla (Tennis)
Ian O'Shea (Lacrosse)
Christian Petrilli (Wrestling)
Matt Pugliese (Hockey)
Mike Rafferty (Track/Lacrosse)
Colin Realbuto (Wrestling)
Antonio Rogliano (Soccer)
John Steele (Swimming)
Luke Tobia (Football/Wrestling/Track)
Chris Tormey (Lacrosse)
Matt Worth (Crew)