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Pat Quinn '01 headlines Dec. 23 hardwood triple-header vs. St. Raymond's

When the Iona Prep basketball program hosts St. Raymond's on Dec. 23, the games will be about more than bragging rights in this Catholic school showdown. For alumnus and Iona Prep Hall of Famer Patrick Quinn '01, it's about a life lived to the fullest so that others can simply live.

For the second straight year, Quinn will return to cheer on the Maroon & Gold he used to don for coach Vic Quirolo. He'll be wearing his colors again on Dec. 23, only this time, it'll be his greater Gael family cheering on him.

Thanks once again to friends Mr. Frank Meade '01 and Mrs. Danielle Mazzariello Fava, Quinn is back to share his message of awareness and hope at halftime of the varsity game. SFC has been selling T-shirts to fundraise for ALS research, and there will be additional opportunities to contribute during the game.

Come out and support your fellow Gael on Dec. 23, dousing him not with ice water, but cheers and support.

Source: Quinn for the Win