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Anderson US'12 returning a kindness to Nepali family in wake of recent earthquakes

As Nepal continues to be rocked by high-magnitude earthquakes and remains the focus of countless aid-giving agencies, an Iona Prep Upper School alumnus has begun a very targeted fundraising campaign for the Nepali family that showed him true brotherhood less than a year ago.

Last summer, Brian Anderson US'12 intended to spend several weeks hiking in the Himalayas. But within the first few days, he was bit by a tick and became very ill. Mr. Anderson found a village and chose a place to stay. That's where he met the Basnets.

Gita Basnet worked in the tea house Mr. Anderson had chosen to stay. Lucky for him, her brother was a pharmacist in the capital city of Kathmandu. Ms. Basnet coordinated his transportation to the hospital and even accompanied him on the nine-hour drive. Her brothers made certain Mr. Anderson had a place the stay and all the medicine he needed.

Once recovered, he continued his journey through the Himalayas. However, he has never forgotten the Basnets.

"By the end of my trip, I had spent over a week under the care, under the roof, and in the pleasant company of the Basnets," Mr. Anderson wrote on his crowd-funding page.

Now Mr. Anderson is paying it forward by paying the Basnets back. While the family survived the first earthquake, their land and livelihoods had been destroyed. The same houses Mr. Anderson stayed in have been reduced to rubble.

So Mr. Anderson started the crow-funding page below and is presently 21 percent of the way toward his goal of $5,000.

"The same people that went so far beyond their duty and bent so far out of their way in helping me in a time of need are now homeless, jobless, and in a far worse situation than the one I found myself in last summer," Mr. Anderson wrote. "I truly am indebted to the Basnets and I would sincerely appreciate you helping me help them."

Source: Brian Anderson US'12