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UPDATE: Prep to be recommended for re-accreditation

Following months of planning and a visit by a Middle States validation team last week, the Prep received some positive news as the commissioners departed on Friday. Namely, that Iona Preparatory School K-12 will be recommended for re-accreditation by the Middle States Association (MSA) of Colleges & Schools.

In the validation team's oral report to the faculty and staff gathering in the Upper School cafeteria Friday afternoon, MSA Ambassador Monsignor Robert Aucoin thanked the Prep for the "privilege of experiencing for a few days what you provide daily."

Above all, the team's visit validated the Prep's commitment to fostering a community of brotherhood.  Though no single term could convey the spirit of the Prep, Monsignor Aucoin said it was clear from parent and student interviews that there was circumspect satisfaction with the Christian Brothers education provided at Iona.

Though they tried hard to elicit complaints from students and parents, Monsignor Aucoin was pleased to report that "Happily, we've failed."

The MSA ambassador went on to report that the Prep remained true to the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother Education by "striving for excellence" when it came to identifying communication skills and STEM as two student-performance objects in its self-study.  He noted that the tertiary objective of strengthening faith also dovetails nicely with the Essential Elements, and is already an area the school has made great strides in with the revitalization of the Campus Ministry program over the past few years.

"Iona Prep should be rightly proud of its past accomplishments," Monsignor Aucoin said before the validation team took its leave.

In closing, he encouraged the Prep to establish new standards for performance since the school has moved away from Regents and other state-sponsored achievement tests, and to continue implementing the self-identified action steps.

By doing so, he said the school will continue to evangelize young men just as Blessed Edmund Rice did so many years ago.

Should you like to know more about the Prep's self-identified performance objectives, please visit the Strategic Planning section of the Web site.

Source: Middle States Association of Colleges & Schools