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Alumni News

Iona Prep Alum Tyler Dearing ’01 Visits Iona Prep

Tyler Dearing ’01 returned to Iona Prep as a guest speaker to the senior AP Government class of Frank Conroy ’75.  During his college years at the University of Albany Tyler believed that his true calling in life was in the medical field..  His family had heavily influenced him to be a doctor and he began to believe that would be his ultimate profession.  Throughout his college years, Tyler had enrolled in pre- med classes, became an EMT, and President of Student Government at Albany. During his tenure he was given a budget to spend on concerts and events for the school and became very interested with the numbers aspect of it.  Currently Tyler is working for JP Morgan as Operational Control Manager, Private Equity and Real Estate Services (PERES).
Tyler goes on to say, “You have to get things done”.  He taught a great lesson to the students that the most important thing to do is make a list of things that you do not want to do for the day and go out and do it!  Tyler explained, “Things must be done timely, accurately, completely, and authorized by another person to make sure things are on the correct path”.  He truly believes that, “You have to love your job and love going to work every day because then it will not feel like work”.