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Metro North Mail & Ride Program

Attention all students not currently enrolled in the Mail & Ride Program.

Make your ride to school on Metro-North even easier by signing up for the Mail & Ride School Commutation Program in time for the coming school year.

Joining this online service will eliminate the need for you to obtain a signed monthly Application for Student School Ticket. You can contact your school administrator for more information.

The best part is that most of the work to enroll you into the program is done by the school’s administrator! Every new school year, the administrator is required to register all participating students through Metro-North’s destination stations.

Once a student has been registered by the administrator, the parent/guardian will receive two emails. One will contain the account number and one will contain the pin code. The emails will also contain further instructions and information.

For any questions about Metro-North’s Mail & Ride Monthly School Ticket Program, please call (212) 340-3288.

Please fill in the required information below no later than Aug. 1 to start conveniently receiving your student monthly commutation tickets.
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